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Hertfordshire Solar Panels - Aran Services

Solar Power Electricity

Solar Power

Turn your roof into a money generator!

Photovoltaic (or PV) cells convert the energy in sunlight directly into electricity which can be immediately used, stored in batteries or exported via an export meter to the energy supplier.

Systems consist of photovoltaic panels mounted in an array, (generally on the roof) an inverter to covert the direct current produced by the solar cells to alternating current and either a battery bank, connection to the consumer unit, or export meter to calculate the amount of energy exported to the grid.

Click here to see current typical cost, size, payback and investment returns for your home. Or click here to download our jargon free solar information pack.

Ask us about our servicing options for your PV system.

Battery storage solutions are also available to allow you to achieve the maximum benefits from your PV system


Aran Services Ltd is a local accredited installer with over 10 years of experience in the energy saving industry. Systems installed by us come with a 2 year guarantee and are eligible for the Feed in Tariff payments mentioned above. We are proud members of the Solar Trade Association  

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Aran Services offer a solar panel installation and servicing package covering Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Energy Conservation Services in Hertfordshire:

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