If you fail to register by 1st February you will not qualify to switch to the winning tariff after the supplier auction on 2nd February.

So far more than 23,500 households have registered across the country to join forces to get better deals from energy suppliers. Households interested in joining the Norfolk Switch and Save are running out of time to register and are urged to do so before it is too late. The scheme is organised by Norfolk Councils and iChoosr Ltd, the UKís leading expert in domestic energy collective switching.

Five things you didnít know about collective switching

1. Itís free to join and you donít have to accept the winning offer

2. Itís an easy choice - you get a personal offer for of how much you will save

3.   On average, households saved over £250 in the Autumn auction round

4.   Our council collective schemes saved households over £10m last year

5. Our tariffs beat or equaled the best in the market on each of our auction days in 2015

While the winter months have been milder than many years, we have seen a cold snap in January, which must have had even the hardiest householders reaching for the thermostat for the heating to kick in. It is likely that most households will still have used more energy heating their homes during the winter months which means that the bigger bills will keep on coming until the summer.Ē 

How to register your details:

Once households have registered their interest, a reverse auction will be held to invite energy suppliers to compete with their best offers. The scheme is free for households to join and there is no obligation to take up the winning supplierís tariff offer. The scheme is open to all households, which pay monthly, quarterly, or via a pre-payment meter.

The group-buying phenomenon is growing in the UK. Last year schemes run by iChoosr, on behalf of councils attracted over 140k household registrations and 38k households saved more than £10.3m by switching.

Date : 25-01-2016

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