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The Beast from the East

As Winter sets in........

 ECO grant funding will assist the most vulnerable homes stay warm this winter and beyond.

This week is set to be the coldest of the year with many predicting the return of the ĎBeast from the East.í Temperatures are set to plummet from the recent mild autumn spell. Now is the time to get out those winter coats and woolly jumpers

Our 7.C is likely to be a nationwide high from Wednesday, with homes in the North and maybe even the South being at risk of sleet and snow and itís only November!

Last year there was a huge increase of excess winter deaths with many of these attributed to the harsh weather cycle. Over 2016/2017 excess winter deaths increased from 22,780 to 32,500, the recent National Energy Action data shows a considerable fluctuation since 2015*.

Grant funding to help homes become warmer and more fuel efficient has recently changed and now focuses on those most at need, helping them to keep their homes warm and reduce their fuel bills.

Do you qualify for a grant or know someone that might? Click here to check out the qualifying criteria.

Even if you don't qualify for grant funding we would be happy to provide you with a price to make your home warmer and cheaper to heat this winter. Simple insulation upgrades start at as little as £30, reducing the amount of heat disappearing through your roof and therefore helping you to stop burning money.

There are many vulnerable residents living across the country, they maybe your neighbours or live in surrounding areas. These people you know, maybe entitled to grant funding to increase their home insulation or benefit from a grant to replace their broken boiler.

In some areas we are able to access grant funding for those with no boiler and radiators enabling us to install a completely new central heating system.

Help us to improve the lives of people living near you. To make someone elseís life warmer please share our details with them.

Request a call back via our webpage, drop us an email to Info@aranservices.co.uk or call our contact team on 01284 812520 for more information.

Even if you donít think you know anyone who will benefit from grant funding please look out for relatives, friends and neighbours who may have difficulties getting out and about.

Stay warm and well this winter.

*Excess winter deaths data source: https://www.nea.org.uk/resources/e3g-nea-cold-homes-excess-winter-deaths/

Date : 17-11-2018

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