Wishing you warm and bright festive season

2019 has seen record breaking summer highs and freezing winter lows.

By making sure the UK housing stock is fully insulated to the recommended standards people will use less energy to keep their homes warm in the winter whilst keeping their homes cooler in the summer months. Using less energy to heat your home results in less greenhouses gases being released into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, a result of burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

We are all aware climate change is happening now resulting in more extreme weather conditions seen over the last decade. We will continue over the next 12 months to help homes across the UK tackle climate change.

By taking simple, easy steps such as insulating your home and improving your heating systems you are helping to play a part in reducing the effects of global warming.

We recently saw a rise in excess winter deaths with many of these attributed to the harsh weather cycle. Over 2016/2017 excess winter deaths increased from 22,780 to 32,500, the recent National Energy Action data shows a considerable fluctuation since 2015*.

Grant funding to help homes become warmer and more fuel efficient has recently changed and now focuses on those most at need, helping them to keep their homes warm and reduce their fuel bills.

There are many vulnerable residents living across the country, they maybe your neighbours or live in surrounding areas. These people you know, maybe entitled to grant funding to increase their home insulation or benefit from a grant to replace their broken boiler.

Help us to improve the lives of people living near you. To make someone else's life warmer please share our details with them. Request a call back or call our contact team in the new year on 01284 812520 for more information.

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Wishing you all a very warm, bright and healthy start to the year 2020.

*Excess winter deaths data source: https://www.nea.org.uk/resources/e3g-nea-cold-homes-excess-winter-deaths/


Date : 09-12-2018

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