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Aran Services Ltd, USEA and Watford Borough Council work together to insulate hard-to-treat households
We really pleased that the United Sustainable Energy Agency are managing an exciting project this year to insulate hard-to-treat properties in the Watford area. Watford Borough Council secured funding to use towards installing solid wall insulation in the homes of some of their most vulnerable residents. The council also contributed a significant amount of funding to the project, making it free for selected householders.
The work was put out to all members of the Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA),the trade association for external wall insulation installers. A number of installers tendered for the work and Aran Services Ltd won the tender process. Watford Borough Council identified a number of suitable properties. Each of the houses needed to have solid walls, and the residents needed to fit the vulnerability criteria specified by British Gas. The chosen residents were then approached to gauge their interest and Aran then began arranging to carry out their surveys.

The first seven houses have had external wall insulation installed already, and another ten householders are expected to benefit from the scheme before the end of the financial year. Each of these homes will benefit from decreased energy costs. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average three-bedroom semi-detached house could save around £475 a year on their heating bills.

External wall insulation has not only helped to keep the residents homes warmer and their bills lower, it also looks great. We have been using external render systems personalised to the requirements of each resident and their type of house. Residents agree that the results look great. USEA and Watford Borough Council are both keen to continue this project into the next financial year, in order to help as many householders as possible get the benefits of cosy, well insulated properties.
Before Installation                                               After Installation

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Date : 22-03-2012


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