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Why is Woodworm a Problem?

There are a number of wood boring insects that attack timber in properties in the UK, with the most common being the ‘Common Furniture Beetle’ (or to give its official name Anobium Punctatum). Identifying which woodworm is present through a survey is extremely

important as this determines which woodworm treatment is needed to eradicate the woodworm from the property.

Woodworm can cause significant damage to aproperty if left untreated. The levels of damage are dependent on the size of the woodworm infestation and this can mean the loss of the structural integrity if woodworm treatment is not applied.

All of our work is covered by a 10 year warranty proving our pride and satisfaction in each and every job we work on. Let’s face it, Woodworm isn’t exactly the prettiest of sights, that’s why you can trust us to work efficiently and effectively at your property to rid you of your Woodworm problems.

What we will do:-

We will visit your premises to thoroughly inspect any woodworm damage.

Once we have carried out our inspection, we will provide a report of our findings and recommendations. If any damaged timbers require replacing, or remedial work requires to be carried out prior to any timber treatment, we can either carry out the work ourselves orrecommend a builder/carpenter.

Upon your approval, we will treat the wood and this will kill off the woodworm. It might take a while for all the woodworm to die (up to a year) but once they are all dead – and this is guaranteed – our treatment will also keep away any future infestations as well.


To arrange for a woodworm treatment inspection simply call a team member on: 01284 812520 or email us on info@aranservices.co.uk

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