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What is the Feed-in Tariff?


Solar PV Energy Saving Figures

The Government will pay you for every unit of electricity a photovoltaic system generates up to a 4kWp system, This will be paid to you by your energy supplier. For systems between 4kWp and 10kWp the tariff payment changes.

Number of Panels681216
Total kWh's p/yr 1278.20 1716.80 2575.20 3443.80
FIT Income £52.00 £69.36 £104.04 £139.13
Export Income £32.37 £43.18 £64.77 £86.61
Saving on energy bill £90.10 £120.18 £180.26 £241.07
Total savings per year £174.48 £232.71 £349.07 £466.81
System installed cost (inc.VAT) £4,534.91 £5,125.05 £6,233.12 £7,112.01
Payback period (years) £21.06 £16.36 £11.84 £10.75
Return on Investment 5% 6% 8% 9%


1. Feed in Tariff figures are based on installations before 31st of June 2017 4.04p and deemed export of 50%.

2. All income figures are based on install to a south facing roof with 30⁰ pitch (other orientations and pitches may impact performance).

3. System costs include all necessary equipment, scaffolding and labour and to install commission the system, but are based on standard systems in blocks of panels. Non standard and larger sized systems or those requiring special access will incur an additional charge.

4. All install prices are subject to survey.

5. Payback periods and income are indicative only and do not constitute the provision of financial advice.

6. kWp – kilowatts generated at peak generating capacity of the system.

7. kWh – kilowatt hours of electricity actually generated.

8. FIT - Feed in Tariff is the amount of TAX free income you receive on a quarterly basis.

9. ROl – Return of Investment.


11. Export rate of 5.03p is assumed from 1st April 2017

12. Current Electricity prices estimated at 14p per KWH

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