Solid / External Wall Insulation

Most houses built in the UK before 1930 External wall insulationwere constructed with solid brick walls, making them unsuitable for standard cavity wall insulation, there are also properties built after then that may have solid walls. Some properties with cavities may not be suitable for Cavity Wall Insulation, using an External Wall Insulation system can allow these properties to be insulated without causing any problems to the construction.

However, solid wall or timber framed properties can be insulated by applying an insulated render finish to the external face of the walls, or insulated plaster board to the inside.

While more expensive than cavity wall insulation the system is very effective and may also be eligible to grant funding. Internal dry lining with insulation-backed plaster board is also available and is necessary to secure ECO funding, but may offer an effective solution in conservation areas or places with restricted planning regulations.

The application of an external wall insulation system will drastically reduce your home's heat loss as well as improving the exterior of the property, possibly increasing its value as well.

A full and detailed survey needs to be carried out in order to establish the existing wall type, required insulation thickness and render finish; detailing to windows doors and fascias is also a consideration, as is the removal and refitting of rainwater and other external pipes and fittings.

Broadly speaking prices range from between £6000 to £10000 per property, depending on size and ease of access to the walls to be insulated. Every home will be entitled to a grant or incentive towards the installation of solid wall insulation with new incentives being introduced during 2014.

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Before and after installation
Before External Wall Insulation After External Wall Insulation
Before External Wall Insulation

Before External Wall Insulation

Before Insulation - Block of flats After Insulation - Block of flats

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