Cavity Wall Insulation Remediation

Under some circumstances it may be necessary to remove cavity wall insulation from a property. This can be for a variety of reasons but may include:

  • Extract debris / rubble from within the cavities allowing properties that were previously untreatable to be treated.
  • Allow further in depth investigations to be carried out to insulated walls.
  • Extract existing cavity wall insulation where the 25 year term for workmanship and materials has expired.
  • Where guarantees have not been issued when previously insulated.
  • Extract failed cavity wall insulation due to contamination. This may have been caused by building works, flooding or other excessive water ingress and may be insurance remedial works
  • To allow structural repairs to the building. Where there maybe cracking, fractures or other issues with the fabric of the building
  • Fitting Replacement wall ties or extracting and / or isolating existing ties
  • Where steel or timber frame properties have been insulated where they should not have been.

Removing insulation is time consuming and must be done properly to prevent any future issues. Aran Services have specialised machinery and experienced skilled technicians completing extraction works. All technicians are fully trained by the system manufacturer ensuring that the best possible result is achieved at your property.

Clearing cavity wall insulation from a property can take between 2 or 3 days. Where the cavity wall insulation is being replaced at the property this will only be completed where the cavity is completely clear, and where water ingress or flooding has occurred we would ensure that the property was fully dry.

Where cavity wall insulation is to be extracted the current status of the guarantee should be obtained and the guarantee provider advised of the reason for extracting the Cavity wall insulation before the extraction works commence.

Following the extraction of the cavity wall insulation either in full or in part, the details must be notified to the guarantee provider so that the existing guarantee can be either amended or withdrawn.

Following the cavity wall clearance you will be provided with a cavity wall clearance certificate, with a 25 year guarantee being issued for new insulation works, where applicable. If your property is in need of cavity clearance please contact us to arrange a full technical assessment.

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