Polyurethane (PU) / Isothane Injected Foam

Isothane Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Isothane foam sometimes known as Polyurethane or Technitherm foam is a cost effective wall insulation suitable for properties that are not suitable for standard cavity wall insulation. Previously these ‘Hard to Treat’ properties would have needed an alternative insulation method installed such as internal or external wall insulation.

Such properties that fall into this area are:

  • Random Stone properties where the cavities are of uneven width.
  • Cavities below 50mm.
  • Properties which are exposed to wind driven rain.
  • High Rise buildings

Isothane foam wall insulation is suitable for homes with ‘random stone' walls and other non-standard cavities. It has excellent thermal benefits and its "closed cell" structure means it is totally water repellent and can be used in properties in exposed areas or that are prone to flooding.

The material is injected into the cavity and expands filling all gaps. This system can also assist the structure of walls as it binds to the inner and outer walls it can be used in walls where the wall ties have failed

This system is the most expensive option but offers a solution to insulate cavity walls that we can’t insulate with either mineral fibre or EPS.

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